Development of Larsen & Buhl as a learning company

In the former newsletter we have informed you about innovation and automation through investment in human capital and machines at Larsen & Buhl in 2018. In this newsletter we would like to inspire you with the development of Larsen & Buhl as a learning company. In addition to remind you of the invitation of the precision fair on Wednesday november 14th 2018 and Thursday 15th 2018 in Veldhoven.

Everything is designed to create an 24/7 environment with high-tech quality products. Is this really true? Yes this is really true. For example the product shown above. We are a learning company. We learn from failure. A sophisticated understanding of failure causes and set in the proper contexts will help to avoid the blame game and institute an effective strategy for learning from failure. Although an infinite number of things can go wrong in organizations, mistakes fall into three broad categories: preventable, complexity-related, and intelligent.

Once a failure has been detected, it’s essential to go beyond the obvious and superficial reasons for it to understand the root causes. This requires the discipline—better yet, the enthusiasm—to use sophisticated analysis to ensure that the right lessons are learned and the right remedies are deployed.

The intended result is high quality and sharp delivery times, whereby our customers can tend their customers as optimal as possible.

Interested? Visit the precision fair booth no. 153 on Wednesday november 14th 2018 and Thursday 15th 2018 in Veldhoven. Register your visit below:

Register your visit for the precision fair here Register your visit for the precision fair here

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