‘Whoever is open and transparent, will receive it back’


Larsen & Buhl is a manufacturer and supplier of precision mechanical parts. For example, dental implants and interior parts for aircraft are made, as well as parts for brachytherapy to treat cancer. A wide range of activities, with as a binding factor the high quality requirements and required certifications. “It makes a difference that we were in fact two of the same companies, with even a joint customer in dental technology. We complement each other and both focus on automating and digitizing our production.”

Open and transparent
The high-tech companies did not differ greatly from each other in terms of culture. “Both Larsen and Buhl are family businesses of origin. The cultures fit together perfectly. In January we organized a dinner to get to know each other and since then it has been as if everyone has known each other for years.”

“The key is to involve everyone at all stages. Those who are open and transparent will automatically receive it back. We have carefully communicated agreements on collective labor agreements, working hours and where possible we asked our men and women for input. We recently bought two new machines to create more capacity and that went into full consultation with the production.”

“Change difficult? Change is precisely the movement that gives people energy. There is a change every day in our industry.”